Save millions by doing more with your transaction data.

How It Works

It’s hard to compete when your data isn’t telling you the whole story. In three steps we help you change the narrative.


Get it all

If all your data silos could talk – oh, the stories they would tell. And with all the current pressures you face, you need those silos talking now more than ever. Whether using our comprehensive buying group software, running automated RFPs, managing rebates and contracts, or finding money left on the table, the first step to being in the know is to get all your data talking together.



Get It Now

You’re trying to save the company money, but that’s hard when you’re constantly forced to make decisions based on old information. Timing issues can cost you millions, which is why you need to have the right information as it happens. Our cloud-based software solutions enable real-time sharing and updates of your critical data, meaning that you can make your business critical decisions in confidence.


Get it Right

Dirty data is just part of everyday life when your data has gone through too many rounds of manual entry. We take a “get it right” approach, so you can make decisions with the confidence that every move is based on accurate, clean, reliable data.

Frequently Asked Questions