Still paying last week’s high prices? It’s how it works when you’re not in the know.

Buying Group Software

Easily manage your group's data and processes with our comprehensive cloud-based software.



You work hard to negotiate prices and rebates for your buying group members, but it’s hard to maintain compliance when your current system just wasn’t built to give you that kind of visibility. As a result, delivering prompt pricing information is a challenge, and you can’t even remember the last time you sent out an RFP.



We set you up on a comprehensive and secure cloud-based system that gives you full visibility into your buying group’s transaction data. You can update and communicate product and pricing information in real-time; share and receive information directly from your members and vendors through their unique portals, manage and receive rebates, complete automated RFPs, and much more.



Competitive pricing, high compliance, clean data, automated communication, and no more money left on the table. You deserve to Get it All, Get it Now, and Get it Right. Life’s better when you’re in the know!