Can Buying Groups Really Survive?

GPO’s, Buying Groups, Co-Ops. They serve such an important role in the marketplace – keeping independently owned businesses (often family owned or privately held businesses) competitive with large conglomerates.

If you are leading one of those organizations – what a difficult task! You often have limited software and less resources than you need. You are working with limited data, and without all of the information in front of you it is very hard to make the best decisions. Then, if you want to get those resources that you need in order to drive decision making, your only option is to source multiple software vendors. Your group will need vendors for a RFP software tool, rebate management, contract management, vendor portals, customer portals, data warehousing, data analytics, and much more.

HubHero helps you become a truly effective hub, and the hero of your group. With our “Get it All, Get it Now, Get it Right” philosophy, we provide the tools you need to get all your data working together and all your partners on the same page.

You already put in the long hours, strategic planning, and continuous hard work to excel in your business. In the current all-digital era, it is important to have reliable, secure software to compete with the large conglomerates. Detecting profit opportunities and finding long-term cost savings with one system allows GPO’s, Buying Groups, and Co-Ops to stay competitive and thrive. Our system is highly intuitive while also customizable so you stay in control. HubHero is equipped to handle all your group needs, from RFP software to data analytics, finding your unclaimed rebates and outdated contracts so you can spend more time focused on the work you know best.